Alejandro Arroyo



Alejandro Arroyo
Lives in Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain and is 37 years old.

Quarantine tricks 2020

Rock to nose manual, DIY Aeropuerto Palma, Alejandro Arroyo

Jose Luis Ouzande for Boardy Cakes

BS 5o to Rock and Roll, Plano inclinado psiquiátrico Santiago de Compostela, Alejandro Arroyo

Raw Battle - Urbina Impossible to FS Nosegrind down SFX hubba

Raw Battle - Aitor SW Noses Shove It SW Noses down SFX broken hubba

Camera repair [DIY]

Cádiz Tour 2020 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Raw Battle - Pitu Bigspin to BS Noseblunt at Es Fogueró transition

Sa Feixina Compilation 2004-2021 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Alcudia banks Compilation 2006-2021 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Raw Battle - Andrés 360 Flip down the ground

Galicia Tour 2019 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Random Raw Adventures - ALCPOBLA-LO2-0450

Raw Battle - Urbina FS Hurricane Down Can Picafort Ledge

Riskal Compilation 2010-2020 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Raw Battle - Miki Kickflip Fastplant At Magaluf Plaza

Synchrony, featuring Ian Waelder

Daina Compilation 2009-2019 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Es Fogueró Compilation 2006-2021 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Ibiza Tour 2018 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Lights Out 2 premiere day

Parc Bit Compilation 2010-2020 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Ángel Caamaño [Sa Feixina Reborn 2005]

Raw Battle - Lolo BS Tailslide down La Cruz hubba

Random Raw Adventures - PALMA-LO-0148

DIY: Skateboard grind box construction

Felanitx Compilation 2007-2019 [Arrovf Media 2022]

DIY: Build cruiser recycling old decks

Sevilla/Huelva Tour 2011 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Miguel Urbina line on a strange day

Visiting El Pasillo [Arrovf Media 2022]

Barcelona Tour 2010 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Sa Pobla Plaza Compilation 2008-2020 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Miki Jaume, some tricks in the ruins of Es Foguero

Inca Spot Compilation 2008-2021 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Slams from DS era [Arrovf Media 2022]

Barcelona Tour 2009 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Sa Riera Compilation 2007-2009 [Arrovf Media 2022]

Son Moix Compilation 2005-2009 [Arrovf Media 2022]

DIY: Fix a bank

Cleaning the spot before the session

Moncho filming in a burned theater

Slams [Sa Feixina Reborn 2005]

Rob filming in DIY spot

Past Lives [Arrovf Media 2022]

Lights Out 2, The Extras [Arrovf Media 2021][50p]

Lights Out 2 [Arrovf Media 2021][50p AIHD]

HI8 Edit [Arrovf Media 2021]

Premiere Lights Out 2, 30 de octubre 2021

Lights Out 2 Trailer

Random Raw Adventures - TORRENTE-LO-NOID

Random Raw Adventures - SAPOBLA-LO-0146

Random Raw Adventures - INCA-LO-0134

Random Raw Adventures - DAIPOBLA-LO-0104

Random Raw Adventures - ARENAL-LO-0102

Random Raw Adventures - MAGA-LO-0097

Random Raw Adventures - SANSE-LO-0024

Random Raw Adventures - CAPRABO-LO-0021

Random Raw Adventures - SOLLER-LO-0019

Random Raw Adventures - SMSOLLER-LO-0016

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-RB-03

Random Raw Adventures - ALCUDIA-RB-02

Random Raw Adventures - TUBO-SFR-010-B

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-009

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-008-E

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-008-D

Random Raw Adventures - PSOLLER-SFR-006

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-006-E

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-006-D

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-006-C

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-006-B

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-005-D

Random Raw Adventures - ALASKA-SFR-004

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-004-005

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-003-C

Random Raw Adventures - SAFA-SFR-002-A

Random Raw Adventures - CAPDELLA-SFR-001

Spain on Strike [Roger Bagley 2011]

Ian Streets Edit

Sa Feixina Reborn [Arrovf Media 2005]

Creatures of the Night

Miki Jaume Checkout

Lights Out, The Extras [Arrovf Media 2010][50p]

Nocturnal DIY Box

Welcome to the Bowl

Arrovf media - Pre-Trailer Lights Out

BS Tailslide tutorial, by Roberto Rodríguez

FS Tailslide tutorial, by Carlos Albendea

Heelflip tutorial, by Ian Waelder

360 Flip tutorial, by Miguel Urbina

Tailblock tutorial, by Dean Tyrrel

Drop-in tutorial, by Borja Cerdá

Ollie tutorial, by Miki Jaume

Lights Out [Arrovf Media 2010][50p]

Aitor in Levante

10 Wasted Years

Wooden Miniramp/Bowl in 10 steps

Doomed Souls [Arrovf Media 2013]

Miniramp, Snow and Water

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