David Valdiviezo


David Valdiviezo

Manualmanual skills

Slide & Grindslide grind skills

Rail & Hubbarail hubba skills

Switchswitch skills

Gapgap skills

Lives in Villa Rosa, Venezuela

I did Nollie 360 flip after many years - SKATEHIVE!! [Eng/Esp]

Unlocking 360 kickflip - Day #2 amazing day. SKATEHIVE!!! [Eng/Esp]

My friend Kristian tries to kickflip, "NEMESIS TRICK" SKATEHIVE!!! [Eng/Esp]

Trying to do 360 kickflip again Day #1 - SKATEHIVE [Eng/Esp]

Vlog#3 Day in my life - I go back to skating after several weeks of rest-SKATEHIVE!!!

Vlog #2 day in my life - 2 hours of travel to get a used board. SKATEHIVE!!!

One of my favorite skaters - Samuel "Elite skater" SKATEHIVE!!!

Dream Trick with Samuel - Nollie kickflip Bs lipside - [Eng/Esp]

Dream Trick with my friend Samuel Veliz - "Nollie Bigspin Bs lipside"- SKATEHIVE.

I missed skating this little curb - SKATEHIVE!!!

I learned this trick but I don't know what it's called-SKATEHIVE.

4 tricks with oscar at Juan Griego skatepark - SKATEHIVE.

I learned Bs smith on the ramp of Juan Griego - SKATEHIVE.

Davixe Tape: Episode #2 Skating in my legendary spot Villa Rosa.

DAVIXE Tape : Episode #1 - Skating manual pack in the streets of Juan Griego, skating on

I learned a new trick on the ramp of Juan Griego - SKATEHIVE!!

My friend hector manages to make a huge fs disaster - SKATEHIVE!!

I learned 2 tricks in the Juan Griego ramp - SKATEHIVE!!

Doing a review new skate brand in Venezuela "Lasuitesb" knowing pages and products. SKATEHIVE!!!

Pop shove it & Fs pop shove it "ALL STANCE" - SKATEHIVE!!!

Fs & Bs 180 "All stance" Basic tricks - SKATEHIVE!!

New Trick with Yuber "Varial Kickflip" - SKATEHIVE.


Dream Trick with Samuel - "Nollie caballerial kickflip" Ep 1 - SKATEHIVE.

My friend yerinson battles "Fakie Heelflip" Heavy battle. SKATEHIVE!!!

New flatground trick With Samuel "Nollie fs 360 or Nollie fs caballerial" SKATEHIVE!!

Gradually returning to skating - "Bs kickflip" SKATEHIVE!!!

Yuber learns to do Fs pop shove it SKATEHIVE!!!

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