How to write titles and descriptions to be found

The information in our publication must be complete and published in order to be found. There are some blocks to pay attention to:


Write to be found, if we search for "flip", your flip will be found only if you have included "flip" in the title and / or in the description ... then you must keep in mind that:

Titles must shortly and accurately describe the content of the publication


Description is like the title, where you can also explain who appears in the publication, who is filming, where is the spot, ... and all kinds of data that we, as skateboarders like to find. You can also format your description with Markdown

The background image of the video (the poster)

By default the background image of the video is taken within 5 seconds of the video and in the worst case it can match a black box ... use the tool you'll find in the three-point menu at the top right of the own publication to choose precisely the frame that most represents your video. Consider create a beautiful personalized .jpg image.

Share the content

Ask yourself who wants to watch your contet, you, your friends and maybe, a bunch of skateboarders that use to like your content. They didn't know about your content, you must share it with him.

The right way to share it is a link of the video, do not waste time uploading your video to multiple platforms, you spread your visits and every platform penalizes you for it. Just choose one, anyone.

Jun 14, 2019 ยท