What about we buy all Skateboarding products on Amazon

More than one will make a facepalm reading this statement, because if we do something like this we say goodbye to the few Skate Shops and Skate Companyes that are left, those that, eventually, make something to have fun skateboarding, sponsoring Skaters and make discounts to many people. They reinvest in us, the skateboarders.

But, you do something similar with your skate videos, upload them to Facebook, Instagram or Youtube and give them all the benefit of the Internet content. Remaining at 0 the money for magazines and specialized websites.

In the case of Instagram and Facebook is the worst case, we directly give our time to Mark Zuckerberg who reinvests 0 in Skateboarding.

The case of YouTube, if you are registered as a pay per advertising user and you get to the minimum payment of 100 dollar you recieve some money. Some Filmers spend a lot of years to do that. Is not a good thing for amateur filmers.

This platform is born precisely because of this problem: Let the benefits produced by Skateboarding on the Internet be reinvested in Skateboarding. How about try this platform?

   Jun 28, 2019