Dangers in Skateboarding ordered from danger of death to skin scratch danger

Motivated by the latest accidents in San Francisco, a deadly one involving Skateboarding, it is convenient to remember, in order, what is the most dangerous thing you can do with your skateboard:

1. Traffic (danger of death)
You can die run over by a vehicle that circulates on the road, therefore, you should never go down to the road with the skateboard.

Run over death is one of the first causes of death in the world. Do not jump on the road with the skateboard, it is by far the most dangerous thing you can do.

2. Speed ​​(danger of serious injury or death)
The laws of physics say that with twice the speed you get four times more kinetic energy, that's four times more energy to scatter yourserlf against what you crash.

If we combine speed and traffic we get easy death.

3. High ramps, specially Half Pipe (risk of serious injury)
The higher the ramp, the more speed is acquired when going down, so, especially the half pipes are dangerous because they are 3-4m high and therefore you must skate with protections and learn fall techniques with them.

4. The height (danger of slight-serious injury)
The double of high the double of energy, to throw for 8 stairs is the double of dangerous that of 4. It is necessary to say that there are no cases of death for jumping stairs with the skateboard, if injuries but not death (there are no known cases).

5. Get on the skateboard without experience (danger of slight-serious injury)
The skateboard is an unstable element by nature and try to jump in without having ever done, especially when one is older, is a reckless act with which one can easily injure.

6. The skateboard itself (danger of slight injury)
The skateboard itself has metal parts and with the use can get to have sharp parts, so you can also injure with it.

Well, now we put it all together:
Without having ever touched a skateboard we throw ourself to a megaramp, we left at bottom through towards a busy road in the opposite direction and downhill dodging cars ... (Leave a comment telling us at what time and wich way you imagine this person dies)

Seriously, neither traffic nor speed is a joke, keep that in mind when you get on a skateboard.

   Jul 20, 2019