How old can we skate? [Skateboarding]

According to a recent study by Stanford University there are three key ages in humans in which there is a dramatic change in the level of protein... at 34, 60 and 78. That is, old age does not It comes progressively, there are turning points.

If we explain it with the life of a skateboarder, it would be something like this:

Until 34

Until about that date is almost a whole, you jump gaps and stairs, do whatever you want and your body reacts more or less well, heals quickly, recovers quickly, you don't lose pop if a week you don't skate and if you lose it you can skate two weeks and you recover it quickly. You're young.

From 34 to 60

From one day to another, in the thirties everything is no longer valid, if we want to continue skateboarding without dying in the attempt we need a healthy life: compensatory sport on a regular basis, stretching in each session, having rest days ... Your body recovers more slowly, if you skate 4 days in a row you become a walking death. If you are two weeks without skateboarding you lose 5 cm height of ollie and it takes two months to recover it, that if you really get to recover it.

More than 60

Whatever you do every time you will have less power, less reaction capacity, less resilience ... people who still skate at this age say textually that you unlearn skateboarding, every time you skate you do less things, less tricks, until getting on and push is the last trick you do.

More than 78

If you get here, congratulations, you have lived longer than most.

Two things have to be taken into account, which are statistical results and therefore there may be different particular cases, and that a healthy and sporty life increases our life expectancy and our capacity of skatebparding more years, on the contrary a life full of refined sugar, tobacco and alcohol considerably reduces our life expectancy and our capacity of skateboarding more years.

Stanford University Source
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   Jan 7, 2020