7 Full length skateboarding video post tips

We love full length skate videos, and for that reason we want best quality and best results for your skate video. Here a some tips:

  1. Shoot and edit in the same video format. Export a master video in the same format in which you record it.

  2. Select the post format that matches the video format you used. Avoid uploading low-quality encoded videos, better spend time locating the master file (if it exists). Ask @admin for help if you need it or even use the send to admin option.

  3. Write the title and description accurately. Follow the guide to write to be found

  4. Create the most beautiful poster for your video and upload it. Otherwise choose a frame of your video that represents the whole video. This file should have the same aspect ratio as the video.

  5. Create a chapter list.

  6. Tell all the skaters who skate in the video to use the "Create video part" option, or do it yourself, for create his custom video part. You don't need to cut or edit your video again, and skaters don't need to upload anything.

  7. Don't forget to share the link of your video or embed it in your favorite online skate magazine.

   Jun 18, 2020