Main Player features

Want to watch your tricks in slow motion, switch from regular to goofy, pay attention to this post to discover the video player options and have a great user experience.


Play / Pause
Click or tap Play / Pause icon to enable / disable play.

Seek +10, -10 seconds buttons
Will show on screens larger than 520px. Step is shorter on shorter videos.

Image Preview (seek bar)
Move mouse over seek bar in desktop devices / slide seek bar in mobile devices and a preview image will show (noise is shown while preview images are being loaded or created)

Sound Controls
On mobile devices sound is controlled by hardware buttons, a mute button will only be shown.

Full screen

Video chapter selector
Will show if video chapters are available.


Will show/hide this options:

  • Switch Stance watch mirrored screen transforming regular into goofy and viceversa.
  • Loop disable playnext and plays the current video in loop mode.
  • Smart zoom automatically fit player to the available screen (mobile devices only)
  • AirPlay (Only if the device is available) Will send the video to the TV. Will show in Apple Devices and works on AirPlay compatible TVs.
  • Cast (Only if the device is available) Will send the video to the TV. Will show in ChromeCast compatible Devices or ChromeCast bulit-in TVs.
  • Playnext Related content can be played or shown when video ends. Priority of next video is user content then album user content then related content.
  • Playback rate half, normal and double speed are available.
  • Video quality selector Depends on the video source.
  • Subtitle language selector Will show if subtitles are available.
   Jul 26, 2020