Post to Plaza or how to download a trick to your device

The concept of Plaza is to show updates of users activity with the possibility to add tricks or videos up to 20 seconds. This is only for registered users, then must be logged in.

Tu cut generate a download button of a trick from a video use the icon from below the video player:

Vídeo duration must be greater than 1 second and less than 20 seconds.

Crop, Pad and Add slow motion options will show when available depending on your video aspect ratio.

How to use

  • Seek the video to your desired point and use the arrows to select the start and end point.
  • Set your Crop, Pad and Add slow motion options
  • Click on Post to Plaza & Create download link button

Then the Download and Plaza buttons must be unlocked and ready to use.

Nov 23, 2020 ·