How to properly create a interlaced mp4 file from a DVD or any NTSC or PAL file

To obtain best video quality you need to keep original camera settings. Old VX, DVD system used to be NTSC or PAL interlaced footage. Some users deinterlace footage and instantaneously loose the 50% of the frames of the video. They have to do that because YouTube doesn't support interlaced footage.

The right way to do is use the same camera settings in the whole process of editing and exporting to create a master or final video version. With this master video do whatever you want, a dvd, a insta footage,... but keep this master video in the same format you recorded it.

This must be done with all formats, new and old formats.

If you have a .iso DVD file, or any video with a interlaced format, and you want to encode it to .mp4 you must use software like Handbrake.

In case you use Handbrake follow this steps and photosequence:

Use any preset settings and modify to the custom ones:

  1. Drop into Handbrake the .iso file (any PAL or NTSC file)
  2. Chapters tab: disable all (maybe you want to save chapter times and add them later)
  3. Subtitles tab: remove all (you can add .vtt files later)
  4. Audio tab: default settings
  5. Video tab: Video codec set h264, Framerate set same as source and constant framerate, contstant quality set to 15
  6. Filters: Disable all (very important!!)
  7. Dimensions: Default settings but ensure there is no vertical crop, vertical crop will break interlace system.
  8. Summary: Check there is no filter and no other track than audio.

Then run and save the mp4 file. If everything is ok you will have a .mp4 file with exact quality as the DVD in same format (NTSC or PAL).

Upload it to, that have support for NTSC and PAL and it will be converted to a smooth 60fps or 50 fps video in the player. You can do the same with any interlaced footage like 1080i.

   Feb 7, 2022