Help uploading videos on

Options for mobile users

  • Horizontal landscape filming
  • Vertical portrait filming
  • 1:1 Vídeo will be croped to 1:1

Options for desktop users

  • Auto: use it for any non-interlaced format or if you don't know what to use.
  • Interlaced formats: choose the one that matches your video. The resolution and aspect ratio will be automatically detected

The best choice could be just contact @admin by direct message or email and use "Upload (send to admin)", don't hesitate to contact us, we like to watch perfectly encoded videos.

Looking how to encode a Interlaced file? should read How to properly create a interlaced mp4 file from a DVD or any NTSC or PAL file

Looking for what kind of footage I should post? should read I am a Skateboarder

Looking for what kind of information should I post with the video? should read how to write titles and descriptions

Feb 20, 2022 ·