How to connect your account with your Hive account and earn dollar

Hive is a blockchain based in social interactions that rewards user posts by upvoting.

Skate Hype automatically selects the best content and publishes it on the Hive Network for you, then Skate Hype upvote the content and as a result, each post is rewarded.

Follow this steps to connect your with your Hive account and start earning:

If you don't have a account

Then you have to go to sign up (Skateboarders only) and create yours. There is a Tutorial available.

If you have a account and don't have a Hive account

Then, go to Control panel, Hive Connect section, and follow this steps

1. Install the Hive wallet: Hive Keychain
Is a safe and easy to use wallet, get it from official Keychain wallet web add it to your desktop browser or install the app into your mobile device. It works with a password or a pin that you must save. Once installed and configured you could add as many Hive accounts as you need to manage.

2. Create a Hive account & Connect
Go to the Control panel and scroll down to the Create a Hive account & Connect section. The app can make one free account for you.
Follow the on-screen instructions and save the keys before clicking on the create account button and the application will create a Hive account that you can use in the Hive-Keychain wallet. You will be able to download the keys and/or send them to yourself by email. Do not lose the keys or you will lose access to the money.

If you already have both accounts

In case you already have a Hive account, skip step 2 and go to Connect section directly, enter your Hive account name and connect.


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   Apr 29, 2022