Introducing SkateHive Community

SkateHive is a skate Community built upon Hive network. Think of SkateHive as a Facebook Group or popular Instagram account but running on a social blockchain called Hive.

What makes Skatehive Unique : Thanks to Hive's amazing technology we can tokenize the "likes" a skate post gets and turn them into Hive tokens such as Hive Dollars (and more). SkateHive is also censorship-free and decentralized so you are in complete control of your account and data. This means that you can monetize your content from the moment it's online and no-one can delete it.

How SkateHive works : Users on Hive network subscribe to their favourite Communities, in our case Skatehive (the skateboarding community on Hive), engage with each other and get rewarded with Hive tokens like Hive Dollars for their online activity such as sharing content, commenting and upvoting.

Every vote on your post and comments generates Hive Rewards . Think of it as "tokenized likes"

The more Hive Tokens a user has in their wallet, the more Hive rewards they can "produce" and give to other skaters when they are voting on their posts.

Why Go SkateHive : It's simple. Instead of throwing all your skate footage on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms for free you can share them in SkateHive Community through app as a skateboarder and earn money.

When you connect your Hive account with app you are automatically subscribed to Skatehive Community and your every post on will automatically shared in Skatehive community on Hive too. This makes your post eligible for Hive Rewards as well as Skatehype filmer rewards and safely stores it on Hive blockchain forever.

Skatehive's Goal : Our goal is to take back control of our activities from the social media giants, who profit off the monopoly of our content.

Skatehype and Skatehive have partnered up to show the skateboarding community that we can take back control of the skateboarding economy by voluntarily choosing to use decentralized and community driven platforms istead of centralized controlled media.

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May 3, 2022 ยท