The Book Of Longevity In Skateboarding: Chapter 1, eating habits & fasting

The Book of Longevity in Skateboarding is about simple tips to improve health in our life and in our Skateboarding.

In the first world, for now, we live in times of plenty and simply that we eat too much, this directly affects physical performance, in fact, obesity is a major health problem in our society.

For the Skateboarding in particular obesity increases the likelihood of injury, decreases flexibility and decreases pop and other bad things. Overall obesity makes us skate worse, and then, live worse.

The simpler solution is just eat less food

For do that there is a trick that involves some habit changes in our life, try to have the breakfast as late as you can and dinner as soon as you can, lunch in the middle of two. Most important, do not eat, just drink water, between dinner and breakfast.

In a couple of months doing this you should feel better.

This is a watered down variety of the intermittent fasting diet technique that should work long term for most of us. If you wanna know more about this type of diet, there is a Harvard review of intermitent fasting that you can read.

If you are not overweight you don't need to, but you may want to read our next chapter on food quality on, stay tuned.

   May 15, 2022