The Book Of Longevity In Skateboarding: Chapter 2, food quality and drugs

The Book Of Longevity In Skateboarding are a couple of simple tips to improve health in our life and in our Skateboarding. We are what we eat and refined sugar, alcohol, tobacco or any other drug are our worst enemies. Our life as Skateboarders can be drastically reduced or extended depending on what we eat. Part by part.

Refined sugar

Refined sugar, industrial flours, industrial pastries and ultra-processed foods are not good for your health, among many health problems that they cause is obesity. You just have to avoid them in your daily diet.


Regarding tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, they have told you a thousand times what their harmful effects are, but they have never told you this way, if you drink in your twenties, you'll skate two years less in your thirties, yes, you are wasting two years of Skateboarding just for two beers a day. In fact there is a Nature study that two glasses of wine or beer a day make you age 2 years.

If you spend your time sitting and smoking in the Plaza you may not like Skateboarding enough because you're spending your Skateboarding time sitting, whatever you do, you're sitting instead of skateboarding. With smoking and joints you are training your brain and body to sit and that, my friend, is going to take its toll on you sooner or later.

Then use the Dr. No solution: No refined sugar, No alcohol, No tobacco, No drugs and say Yes to Skateboarding for longer.


In order to increase food quality we have to follow common sense solutions and a bit of technology: Eat more fruit, vegetables and fish, less meat. And for the rest use any Realfooder application like MyRealFood wich help you to choose the right food.

Another interesting thing to learn is what to eat and when. We must learn the difference between carbohydrates and protein, and thus be able to reduce or eliminate carbohydrates at dinner and boost them at breakfast and lunch, depending on our training schedules and other factors. These types of optimizations usually require a Sports Physician and/or a Nutritionist and are focused on high performance sports, which is beyond the scope of this article.

   May 23, 2022