What I need to be considered a Filmer and earn the Extra Filmer Rewards

You, your skateboard, a camera and a group of friends. Then go with your friends to live as many skateboarding adventures as you can, film it and don't post it anywhere, but don't forget periodically backup everything!

When a few years have passed and you have a lot of videos you should to choose the best of them, with it make a skate video. Have you done it?, have you had fun and have you grown up with all the experiences?, of course you have, then you became a Filmer.

What if I like to post frequently?

Then you can post about your adventures and how your video is going without posting any trick, leave this for the party you gonna make when you release the video.

Ok, but there is more than featured films in skateboarding, skateboarding filming is a creative and unbounded thing, you can make video series, tutorials or everything you want, but the base of everything is the skate video.

And what exactly I need to be considered a filmer and earn the Extra Filmer Rewards?

You can activate this Extra Filmer Rewards when you make exclusive content for skatehype.com and this content is:

  • A skate video.
  • A video like tutorials, event summary, any kind of creative skate video series.

Wait!, and what a creative skate video series is?

Here you have some examples


Send a private message in order to request a filmer rol.
Email to webmaster@skatehype.com
Instagram @skatehypecom
Any question please ask.

   Jun 6, 2022