The Book Of Longevity In Skateboarding: Chapter 5, learn to fall

The Book Of Longevity In Skateboarding are a couple of simple tips to improve health in our life and in our Skateboarding. If someone tell's you I know how to fall is like the same when someone is telling you I know how to skate is a lie, you never know, in fact as much you learn, much more doors will open in your mind to learn more tricks.


You have to transform kinetik energy into rotational kinetik energy, this means you have to transform impact into rotation.


This can took years and years to do it with some efficiency. A video of how to fall down jumping stairs is a must watch for every skateboarder.

To begin to understand this you must get on the board and crouch down as far as you can, then practice falling forward and backward turning your body towards the impact to place your hands and land with your soft body parts as shown in the sequence

The second step is to transform the impact of your hands to the rotation of your body, and this requires a fit body and a lot of practice. You have to push with your hands to move your body away from the impact while squeezing your abs to become a human ball.

The last step is to use this rotational energy to lift yourself up. This should cause you 0 pain and 0 injuries.

And what happens when I fall backwards?

Then you have to try the same, turning your body towards the impact to put your hands backwards and try to land spreading the impact to the soft parts of your body. This will cause you pain and there is risk of injury depending in how fit are you.

And what happens if everything fails?

Yes, there is no risk 0, no matter how much you know how to fall, in the end you will fall in such a way that you will not be able to manage the impact with the ground and everything will depend on how strong your body is. This is why you have to train your body to withstand the fall and get back up again, we will talk about it in the next chapter.

   Jun 10, 2022