Beautify your posts formatting text with Markdown

This platform supports Markdown to help to make proper formatted posts. Markdown is a lightweight markup language for creating formatted text.


Your titles must describe shortly and precisely what we are gonna watch without any emoji or format.


This is where you can play with the formatting of the text by using some special characters surrounding your words. Lets start with the basics * - #

Skateboarding italic

Skateboarding bold

Lists item starts with -
- Skateboarding list 1 becomes

  • Skateboarding list 1

Secondary title starts with ###
### You can also include links and images becomes

You can also include links and images

Any link is auto linked as you can see with imgur and markdownguide links

This is how to make a custom link
[@admin profile]( becomes
@admin profile

This is how you put an image (must be hosted somewhere, used in this case)
![skate hype](

skate hype

A full markdown Cheat Sheet can be found here

   Jun 11, 2022