Cash for tricks winner poll for June 2022

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  • No rules about the trick. Your choice.
  • The video of the trick must be ⚠️new and exclusive⚠️, videos shown on Instagram or any other video platforms will NOT be eligible towards prizes
  • Only first 100 uploaded tricks will be eligible towards the grand prize
  • Filmers can upload as many tricks as they want as long as they tag the skater (must be registered) and share 50% of post payments.
  • Winner will go to Hall of fame Cash for Tricks Playlist forever.
  • Skate Hype will pick the best entries and winner will be decided in the first week of next month via a community Poll on Skate Hype Platform. Votes of fake or empty accounts will be discounted.

Further information can be found in [EN] [ES] [PT]

VOTE POLL (June 2022)

  • Please vote your favorite trick
  • Only one vote per user is allowed
  • Vote can be changed until poll expires at any time
  • New users cannot vote, they must wait until the following month
   Jul 1, 2022