How Hive rewards are earned explained in detail

Skate Hype is an App that allows us to connect our posts with Hive blockchain. Hive is a blockchain based on social interactions, that means that every post on Hive can be rewarded by upvotes.

Where Hive money comes from?

Hive, as every blockchain, emits tokens periodically, part of this token emission is dedicated to reward user posts by upvotes and also voters. Reward is proportional to the Hive Power (HP) of the voter.

How Skate Hype post to Hive?

Skate Hype automatically selects the best content and publishes it on the Hive Network for you using the Posting Authorization method. Every user, when connects Hive with Skate Hype is Authorising Posting to Hive account, then Hive account can post on your behalf.

How Skate Hype select the best content to be posted on Hive?

Selects from the Hive connected users and no more than 7 day old content ordered by local number of likes, comments and other parameters to manage spam users, bad quality videos or tricks.

How Skate Hype reward user content posted on Hive?

Posting Authorization method grants post, upvote, subscribe, claim rewards and change profile information on your behalf. Then Skate Hype through his Hive Curation Trail get vote power from all users and upvotes every post automatically, earning more Hive tokens just for stay connected.

Also external Hive users can add or remove his vote power.

Can I deauthorize posting at any moment?

Yes, revoke posting can be done in Control Panel -> Hive connect -> Hive disconnect button or using external application Hivesigner Revoke

Skate hype users can also authorize / deauthorize just automatic upvoting from Hive Curation Trail at any moment.

   Nov 12, 2022