Leo Romero "SKATER" part

Leo Romero is that 100% skateboarder who became a legend skating the most difficult rails, gaps and stairs with good trick selection and style. Leo is also an artist and plays folk music with his band Travesura.

His last part was "Programming Injection" Toy Machine was in 2019 and 4 years later he cured his own part "Skater" for Emerica, traveling with friends in a van, skateboarding a rail in a gas station and very peculiar street spots from United States.

At his 36 years old, Leo Romero surprise us with a new videopart for Emerica, predictable handrails, gaps & stairs but this time the spot selection and the way he does is so beatiful. Leo Romero is the esence of skateboarding.

¿What do you think about his part?

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Watch Leo Romero "Skater" part here

   Feb 27, 2023