How to download a trick to your device

On top right of the video there will be [b]three dot ···[/b], click it, then click on [b]Download a trick[/b]

Note that this option is only for [b]registered users[/b]. Must be logged in.

1) Play video and seek to desired frame.
2) Click the left arrow to set start frame.
3) Play again and seek to desired frame.
4) Click the right arrow to set end frame.
5) Use loop button to preview the trick (optional)

Trick duration must be greater than 1 second and less than 20 seconds.

Deactivate [i]1:1[/i] to keep 4:3 format.

Activate [i]Add slow motion[/i] if you want to add a copy of the trick at 50% speed at the end.

When done click on [i]Create download link[/i] button. Use generated download button to download the trick to your device. Upload anywhere, even Instagram.

November 23, 2020