How to earn Hive dollars and tokens with

Hive is a blockchain based in social interactions like posts, comments and upvotes for each one you can be rewarded. You can read about where does the money come from or follow this steps to connect your with your Hive account and start earning:

If you don't have a account, sign up (Skateboarders only). There is a Sign up in Skate Hype tutorial available.

Then, go to control panel, Hive Connect section, and follow this steps

1. Install the wallet: Hive Keychain
Keychain is a safe and easy to use Hive wallet. From official Keychain wallet web add to your desktop browser or install app to your mobile device.

2. Create hive account
Follow the Create Hive Account tutorial or go to control panel, on the Hive Connect section, click on the Hive On Board image to create a Hive account. Don't foget store your keys safely.

3. Connect application with Hive
- For desktop users follow the Connect Skate Hype with Hive tutorial for desktop.
- For mobile users follow the Connect Skate Hype with Hive tutorial for mobile.

After connecting your Hive account with a few seconds must wait before changing any settings. If you turn on auto post then, you get rewarded for every post. Easy?

Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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