I am a Skateboarder [Message for newcomers]

I am a Skateboarder and I want to see you and your friends skate, it's how we get to know each other and how we can possibly become friends. You should also know that, if I don't know you, I most likely won't care about your posts, so, it would be a great start to be able to see a summary of your best skateboarding, as a video part or with a video summary skating with your friends or living some adventure.

Skate Hype is made to meet other skateboarding crews, throught our videos and photos that shows how we skate, and to make friends, and to skate together and to have fun, not to make followers or make money only. The terms Skateboarding, making friends, having fun will always should come first rather than followers or money.

Ok, I understand, then how I should proceed with Skate Hype?

  • If you do more than one post the same day, the last post is that we all see from you, then post only once per day or the rest will be hidden. Anyway, if I like your last post I will gonna watch the rest.

  • This means if I don't like your photo or your video I don't also gonna read your description.

Some common sense dos and don'ts

  • Do not post other than Skateboarding.

  • Do not create fake accounts, as skateboarders we need to know each other, is very common that we skate together sometime even we live in different parts of this world.

  • Do not post other's content without asking the owner first (filmer or photographer). Better if the owner of the content makes an account and post it there, then you can create your video part from it (without uploading the video again) or tag you in.

  • We don't like unedited or single trick content with no reason, in fact we have created a reason to upload single tricks #cashfortricks contest for those who wanna participate in the easiest way.

  • Do not upload content that already exists on Internet except you have the original master version of the video and other platforms have a shit video quality. If a video looks good in YouTube, 3speak, Odysee, Vimeo, leave it there, is much better only have one source for the video

  • Type all the information about your post, we care about your publications because are very important. If your posts are not important, then don't post it.

You are the skateboarder of I am a Skateboarder, let us know you through your skateboarding.

Screenshot from the video The final round where skateboarders hug and smile after land a trick:

199 views ยท Aug 31, 2020