Long length skateboarding video publication tips

We love [b]long length skate videos[/b], and for that reason we want best quality and best results for your skate video. Here a some tips:

1) Film and edit at same video format. Export a master video at same format.

2) Select the publication format matching the video format you used. Avoid upload low quality encoded videos, better spend time to locate the master file (if exists).

3) Write title and description precisely. Follow guide https://www.skatehype.com/p/guide-to-maximize-the-number-of-visits/10283.htm

4) Create the most beautiful poster for your video and upload it. Otherwise choose a frame of your video that represents the whole video. This jpg file must have the same aspect ratio as the video.

5) Create the chapter list.

6) Tag @movies user if you want your video be included in movies list. Tag @videopart user if you want your video be included in videpart list.

7) Tell all the skaters who skate in the video use the "Create video part" option for create his custom video part. [b]You don't need to cut or edit your video, and skaters don't need to upload anything[/b].

8) Don't forget to share the link of your video.

If you need help you can contact webmaster@skatehype.com

June 18, 2020