Main Player features

This post is about video player options and tips to have a great user experience.

Play / Pause
Click or tap Play / Pause icon to enable / disable play.

Seek +10, -10 seconds buttons
Enabled for screens larger than 520px (hint for low end mobiles: change orientation to landscape!)

R (Repeat)
Activate by double click / double tap on screen. Repeat last 4 seconds of the video. Useful to rewatch a trick. Repeat can be cancelled prematurely if you activate again before repeat ends.

Image Preview
Move mouse over seek bar in desktop devices / slide seek bar in mobile devices and a preview image will show (noise is shown while preview images are being loaded or created)

Nut menu
Will show/hide video configuration options.
- Repeat mode
0.5x repeat last 4 seconds in slow motion.
1x repeat last 4 seconds.
- Video quality selector depends on the video source.
- Subtitle language selector if subtitles are available.

Sound Controls
On mobile devices sound is controlled by hardware buttons, a mute button will only be shown.

Full screen

AirPlay (if device available)
Will send the video to the TV. Will show in Apple Devices and works on AirPlay compatible TVs.

Cast (if device available)
Will send the video to the TV. Will show in ChromeCast compatible Devices or ChromeCast bulit-in TVs.

Video chapter selector
Will show if video chapters are available.

Related content can be played or shown when video ends. Priority of next video is user content then album user content then related content.

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