Measures to avoid coronavirus spread in Skateboarding

Common sense measures recommended by the WHO applied to the Skateboarding environment focused on preventing the spread of the coronavirus:

Stay home as long as possible, take advantage of sports at home, to heal injuries, to improve your flexibility, etc.

[b]In case you go skateboarding[/b]

Try to go to the spot [b]closest to your home[/b], with the minimum number of friends, or even alone. Skate outdoor.
In case of being accompanied [b]avoid physical contact[/b] (do not shake hands, do not hug, ...) Do not sit together. Minimum 2 meters away.
[b]Avoid touching[/b] your face, eyes, nose, and mouth throughout the session.
[b]Do not share anything[/b] to drink, eat, or anything else that involves contact. Do not touch the food with your hands, use wrappers. Do not touch the threads of the bottles with your hands. Do not play with food and / or drink no more bottlechallenges.

[b]When you get home you should wash[/b] your hands [b]urgently[/b] and then shower and disinfect yourself properly before any other task.

If you have any symptoms, contact the authorities.
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March 13, 2020