New to Skate Hype?, read me first

First of all you must to know that Skate Hype is a DIY social network made by skateboarders for skateboarders. It has been developed for more than a decade, [b]specially made for skateboarding filmers and photographers[/b]. We offer better video quality than any other platform by far on PAL/NTSC systems and other interesting features. There is no companies or corporations behind Skate Hype, just Skateboarders.

We believe on the skate video way, go with friends and live adventures filming a long lenght video, because the adventure has a better and bigger amplitude than a simple Instagram video. Nothing compares to your human experience as skateboarder from be part of an adventure like create a long lenght video.

Every content have a cost, human and economic cost, from years of work to make a skate video to hours even days to perfectly do a 60fps dvdrip from an forgotten old video, even make beatiful photos or write a good article. Servers and maintenance of this application also have a cost. We all spend our time here to make a better Social Network, free, with no ads and no tracking data.

We like edits and parts, we don't like single tricks except if you are Jamie Griffin.

This is a house where you, as skateboarder, are invited. Keep it clean, keep it sorted, keep it pure.

[b]Some Do's and don'ts[/b]

- Do not create fake accounts, as skateboarders we need to know each other, is very common that we skate together sometime even we live in different parts of this world. If you think that hiding your name keeps you anonymous on Internet let me say your are a fool.

- Do not post content without asking the creator first (filmer or photographer). Better if the creator of the content makes a channel and post it there, then you can create your video part from it (without uploading the video again) or tag you in the photo.

- Do not upload content that already exists on Internet except you have the original master version of the video and other platforms have a shit video quality. If a video looks good from YouTube, post it, you don't have to upload the video again. We personally don't like YouTube because is full of ads and data trackers. But is ok for us if is ok for you.

- Type all the information about your post, we care about your publications because are very important. If your posts are not important, then don't post it. Follow this recomendations:

August 31, 2020