Player features on Skate Hype

This post is about video player options and tips to have a great user experience.

[b]Play / Pause[/b]
Play / Pause button will be in the center of the player on mobile devices.

[b]R (Repeat)[/b]
Repeat last 3 seconds of the video. Useful to rewatch a trick. Yo can activate it by button click or double click on the screen, that also hides controls menu.
Repeat can be cancelled prematurely if you activate again before repeat ends.

[b]Nut menu[/b]
Will show/hide video configuration options.
- [i]Repeat mode[/i]
0.5x repeat last 3 seconds in 6 seconds slow motion.
1x repeat last 3 seconds.
- [i]Video quality selector[/i] depends on the video source.
- [i]Subtitle language selector[/i] if subtitles are available.

[b]Sound Controls[/b]
On mobile devices sound is controlled by hardware buttons, a mute button will only be shown.

[b]Full screen[/b]

[b]Video chapter selector[/b]
Will show if video chapters are available.

Related content can be shown on video ends.

July 26, 2020