Where does the Hive money come from?

Hive is a blockchain based in social interactions like posts, comments and upvotes for each one you can be rewarded. When you connect your Hive account to Skatehype.com and enable auto-posting to Hive, all your Skatehype.com new content are also shared inside a skateboarding community built upon Hive blockchain called Skatehive.

Community members of Skatehive then vote on your content and this generates Hive Token Rewards. For advanced Hive users must know that those Hive Token Rewards come from something we call Rewards Pool and everyone with a Hive account is eligible to share some rewards from this rewards pool to other people by voting on their content.

Anyway how, after a week, your post pays out in your Hive wallet automatically and you are free to do whatever you want with this money. This money use to be 50% in dollars (HBD) and 50% in vote power (HP).

You can either trade those Hive Tokens for your local currency in exchanges like Binance and then cash out your earnings in your bank account OR keep those Hive Tokens in your Hive wallet and use them to reward other people’s posts by voting on them.

Available markets:
HIVE markets
HBD markets

81 views · May 2, 2022