Feats [Thrasher 1994][60p]

5th full length video from Thrasher.
Everyone has seen some amazing trick and considered it quite a "feat", but rarely does the analogy carry over to feet. Enter Thrasher. They've taken feats of skateboard prowess and integrated a foot here and some feet there. Um... OK.

Rank with great footage, Feats takes us through Europe, Australia and every imaginable type of terrain.

Chris Senn, Lenny Kirk, Chad Muska, Jesse Paez, Jordan Powell, Tim Upson, Jason Carney, Matt Pailes, Max Schaaf, Billy Pepper, Chad Vogt, Marc Johnson, Matt Field, Klen Lieu, Pancho Moler, Joel Price, Canny Minnick, Hohn Reeves, Drake Jones, Huy Lee, Stan Young, Andy Roy, Jeremy Wray, Nikhil Thayer, Donny Barley, Jesse Roach, Dave Maxwell, Phil Shao, Andy Roy, Alan Petersen, Tom Penny, Mike Carroll, Tim Brauch, Ethan Fowler, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Rune Glifberg, Collin McKay, Remy Stratton, Neil Hendrix, Wade Speyer, Salman Agah, Peter Hewitt, Jake Phelps, Julien Stranger, MIcke Alba, rick Blackheart, Steve Alba, Fred Gall and many more...

   Oct 12, 2020