The Book of Longevity in Skateboarding: Chapter 4, Warming Up with the skateboard

The Book Of Longevity In Skateboarding are a couple of simple tips to improve health in our life and in our Skateboarding.

Progressive and symmetrical

Warming up on the skateboard should be progressive and symmetrical. Progressive, from 1% of our capacity to 100% in approximately 30 minutes, so that our body adapts to the impacts progressively. And symmetrical because skateboarding is an asymmetrical sport by nature and therefore, its practice causes an asymmetrical development in our body, legs with different development, deviation in spine, among others that if not worked in the long run give problems.

The video shows a mirror-like warm-up from 1% to 100% of my capacity, which is when you stop doing tricks at the first try. If you go too fast you gonna fail tricks that usually do at first try, if this happens this means you have to rise slower you hype bar.

This set of tricks took me 13 minutes of non-stop filming and I missed some tricks that I use to do at first try, then means I need to take more time for warming up. You can play an skate game with a friend and warm up together, allways funnier than warm up alone.

After this is good to start with flatbars or benches before any heavier sessions.

30 to 60 minutes for warm up

As you can see 30 to 60 minutes is the time that an OG spend warming up and there is no short way to do it, if you wanna skate safe and longer you have to respect your body.

   Jun 8, 2022