Intro / Hive Community Edit - B-SIDES

We recently shared the behind the scenes of the most epic clip that the crew collaborated with for the community video #4, this video left the hive very stoked so we have decided to release another B-sides video, this time from the intro clips of this community video, which was starred by your Mexican friends @homelesscrewmx, so we hope you can check the spot more carefully and see more clearly the kind of rudeness of the spots we skate here in Mexico, and how the crew skates putting all of ourselves in every single sesh. At the beginning of the edition we left some warm-up clips that our dude land on the way to the great spot of the river, which is the most famous river in the city, because this water channel completely crosses our city and is full of skating spots everywhere, Although, I repeat, with a very porous and rough floor, but nothing that a real skater can't destroy.💥🌊

   Jul 11, 2022