October 16, 2020

911 Emergency [Thrasher 1995][60p]

6th full length video from Thrasher.
When you see a title like this, one expects to see unbridled slams resulting in compound fractures and all sorts of atrocities.
Not so with 911 Emergency.
Although the intro sequence is very disturbing, this is pretty much a typical Thrasher skate video - It rocks!

Kit Erickson, Tas Pappas, Hanzy Driscoll, Jason Monroe, Mike Doher, Tim Brauch, Scott Hohson, Mike Kerchoff, Drake Jones, Peter Bici, Rob Dyrdek, Mike Carroll, Mike Frazier, Rune Gliferg, Jason Ellis, Tom Boyle, Chris Gentry, Remy Stratton, Neil Hendrix, Salman Agah, Dan Drehobl, Bob Burnquist, Jim Gagne, Fred Gall, Jake Rupp, Tim O'connor, Brewce Martin, Ethan Fowler, Mike Vallely, Paul Zitzer, Christian Hosoi, Alan Petersen, Marc Johnson, Matt Field, Alan Losi, Lance Mountain, Jeff Phillips, Keith Hufnagel, Josh Kalis, John Cardiel, Jason Adams, Chris Senn, Danny Way and many more...