May 1, 2020

A visual sound [Stereo 1994] [60p]

Stereo’s first video, A Visual Sound, is one of the first introductions of experimental art, film, and music in skateboard videos.
The video is written, produced and directed by Jason Lee and Chris Pastras.
Throughout the video, abstract and eclectic still frames and photos are intermingled with color and black and white footage of skating.
Besides Mike Frazier’s vert contribution, the video is solely made of street skating with long lines of flip tricks, rails and slides on and over ledges, banks, curbs and stairs.
The soundtrack is a pure jazz lineup from Ululation and Tommy Guerrero.
Featuring : Carl Shipman, Chris Pastras, Ethan Fowler, Greg Hunt, Jason Lee, Matt Rodriguez, Mike Daher, Mike Frazier.