April 8, 2020

City of rats [Slam City Skates 2012]

The feature length film,marked 25 years in business for Europe's oldest skate shop (Slam City Skates) which has nurtured the London skate scene alongside the iconic Southbank Undercroft.

Filmed & edited by Henry Edwards-Wood, City of Rats is a comprehensive snapshot of the London skateboard scene and a unique insight into the exploits of the Big Smoke's unique creative community venturing out into the city from their Southbank breeding ground.

Featuring Casper Brooker, Daniel Kinloch, Danny Brady, Darius Trabalza, Jin Shimizu, Joey Pressey, John Tanner, Karim Bakhtaoui, Lucien Clarke, Neil Smith, Nick Jensen, Olly Todd, Rob Mathieson, Rory Milanes, Scott Howes, Steph Morgan and more.