October 20, 2020

Donut Duty [Thrasher 1995][60p]

7th Thrasher video.

Two bumbling officers who roam the city trying to evict all the skaters. Thinking they know the streets best, the 2 cops bumble from one location to the next trying to establish law and order. Good luck, guys.

Like most Thrasher videos, Donut Duty is shot in a montage format with quick clips of everyone. From a contest in Germany to the Alps in Satel Switzerland for a bowl session, this is a must see video.

Starring Lavar McBride, Mike Judd, Mike Carroll, Josh Kalis, Jamie Reyes, Rick McCrank, Matt Pailes, Geoff Rowley, Wade Speyer,Ben Pappas, Jason Ellis, Remy Stratton, Bob Burnquist, Gershon Mosley, Eric Koston, Tommy Guerrero, Max Schaaf, Willy Santos, Clyde Singleton, Marc Johnson, Tony Hawk, Ed Templeton, Ray Barbee, Phil Shao, Tom Boyle, Chris Senn, Mike Frazier, John Cardiel, Alan Petersen, Omar Hassan, Neal Hendrix, Rune Glifberg, Brian Patch, Mike Crum, Colin McKay, Chet Thomas, Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, Dan Drehobl,Steve Alba, Jesse Paez, Peter Hewitt, Mike Vallely, Keith Hufnagel, Jim Greco, Danny Way and more...