November 8, 2020

Hall of Meat [Thrasher 1999][60p]

Thrasher 13th video
Don't blink or you'll miss your favorite skater. That's the way Thrasher rolls - no parts, no interviews, no crap. It's pure skating from stop to finish. Grab a seat and let your adrenalin surge. Brimming with pools, pipes and punk rock it's completely mad.
As the title suggests you may be expecting a vid full of painful slams, breaks and bleeding contusions.

Gershon Mosley, James Craig, anthony Carney, Stacy Lowery, Jeremy Patton, Jason Adams, Louie Barletta, Vanik Hacobian, Chris Swanson, Chris Senn, Rodney Jones, Pete eldridge, Josh Kalis, Nate Jones, Brian anderson,Jake Nunn, ronnie Creager, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Peter Hewitt, Mike Crum, Mathias Ringstrom, Darren Navarette, Alan Petersen, Matt Dove, Jesse Fritsch, Sam Hitz, Bucky Lasek, Tony Hawk, Rune Glifberg, Cairo Foster, Charlie Watts, Mike Ruscyk, Dustin Dollin, Chet Childress, Matt Pails, Alex Moul, Rodney Jones, Wade Speyer, Alex Chalmers, matt Field, Javier Sarmiento, Stefan Janoski, Mike Rafter, Jamie Thomas, Satva Leung, Bobby Puleo, Geoff Rowley, Chad Muska, Salba, Dan Drehobl, Salman Agah, Brad Staba, Tony Trujillo, John Cardiel, Colt Cannon, Ed Templeton, Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Max Schaaf, Jesse Paez, Bam Margera, Mike Vallely, Mike Maldonado, Lincoln Ueda, Bob Burnquist and many more...