November 5, 2020

Hillbilly Roadkill [Thrasher 1998][60p]

Thrasher 12th full length video.
In addition to great skating, Hillbilly roadkill treats you to several red-neck infested interludes.
Check out the road trip from Chicago to New York and on to Philly. Then sit back and watch the slam-reel.

Starring : Diego Buchieri, Rob Welsh, Tony Trujillo, Brian Smith, Dustin Dollin, Tony Manfre, Tim McKenney, Jeff King, Jarrod Scholl, Dan Drehobl, Matt Snow, Justin Strubing, Sam Mikai, Ryan Wilburn, Ryan Johnson, Richard Mulder, Denny Reed, Cairo foster, Nikhil Thayer, Scott Bourne, Jason Phares, Tony Miorana, John Cardiel, Elias Bingham, Matt Field, Gary Smith, Airto Jackson, Scot Schwartz, Danny Supa, Keith Hufnagel, Mike Wight, Billy Rohan, Jamie Diaz, Brian Wenning, Stevie Williams, Kevin Taylor, Aaron Suski, Jake rupp, Max Schaaf, Ruben Orkin, Jake Phelps, JB Gillet, Bobby Puleo, Marcus McBride, Frank Gerwer, Brandon Biebel, Satva Leung, Matt Rodriguez, Dave Coyne, Tim Brauch, Lincoln Ueda, Peter Hewitt, Mark Gonzales, Charlie Watts, Clint Peterson and many more...