October 30, 2020

Skate and Destroy [Thrasher 1996][60p]

The call of "Skate and Destroy" has been the skaters battle-cry for a long time. A hell of a long time. Thrasher's appropriately titled their 10th video delves into this annihilating theory of skateboarding with a 40 minute look at wrecking stuff via skateboard. Starring: Barker Barrett, Jesse McMillin, Greg Harris, Serge Trudnowski, Clyde Singleton, Chad Muska, Ton Penny, Dan Garcia, Mike Barrella, Neil Heddings, Charlie Wilkins, Mike Bell, Ezra Brown, Mat O'Brien, Rodney Mullen, Cairo Foster, Satva Leung, Vinny Ponte, Josh Kasper, Dan Drehobl, Matt Pailes, John Cardiel, Bob Burnquist, Wade Speyer, Rune Glifberg, Chris Senn, Tas Pappas, Brian Patch, Chet Thomas, Mark Gonzales, Daewon Song, Tim Gavin, Mike York, Ronnie Creager, Guy Mariano, and many more...