November 2, 2020

Vidiot [Thrasher 1998][60p]

How'd you get into skating?
Watching others... hanging with other skaters...? Or maybe you saw a cool skate video, dragged your lazy ass off the couch, stole your drunken Mom's credit card and hit up the local skate shop for a ton of merchandise.

Welcome to idiot. Thrasher 11th video.

Starring :
Charlie Watts, Steve Nardon, Panama Dan, Matt O'Brien, John Cardiel, Ezra Brown, Willy Santos, Tony Cox, Kenny Hughes, Dan Drehobl, Max Schaff, Justin Strubing, Chris Pastras, Wade Speyer, Phil Shao, Ed Templeton, Jesse Paez, Tom Pulice, Jon Miner, Josh Kalis, Nate Lyons, Mike Ruczyk, Mike Carroll, Peter Hewitt, Salman Agah, Lance Dawes, Laird Foster, Kerry Getz, Mike Maldonado, Bam Margera, Josh Kasper, Matt Field, Ethan Fowler and many more...