February 2, 2020

ConfusionMagazine: Javier Saavedra "Sin Ollie 4"

I wanted to make this fourth video part without a single ollie as more of a collaborative and film with a lot of friends and invite others to participate in the video.

Skateboarding is amazing, we all know that skating different spots and meeting more awesome people is the best part and the process of this part brings this all together.

Filmed from July 2019 until January 2020 - you can also see tricks from Pablo Ribera, Niv Halpern, Edu Naranjo, Sergi Meca, Hector Heredia "chetos", Nahikari Pérez, Sergio Fernéndez, Alberto "heavyskater", Jose Luis Ouzande, Puskas, Javier Menendez "brother" and Adri Villar. Thanks to all the filmers who make it possible!

Song courtesy of Nueva Generación "Supéralo".