September 25, 2018

Jart Skateboards - Mark Frölich Brainstorm

There have been so many different ideas and influences coming together while working on this video , that in the end it actually kind of felt like a brainstorm in form of a video - Mark Frölich

Film - Thomas Pfeiffer, Ryan Hayes, Dominic Peters, Jack Thompson, Johannes Burgstaller, Daniel Winkenhoff, Stefan Zannett, Mauricio Anton, Dennis Ludwig, Lars Greiwe, Joe Hill, Jilien Deniau, Silvio Modica, Chris Metzger, Dennis Laass, Deniel Suarez, Pol Catena, Davide Frassine, Octavio Benetti, Edu Lester, Manuel Aguilera, danny, Stephen, Dani Millan, Steve Fostner, Aladin Cabrât, Pedro Duarte, Bryan Callaghan, Pascal Reif, Lucas Fielderling
Edit - Mark Frölich
Three Stripes On a Cadillac by Otis Taylor Albun Respect the dead
Cat people by David Bowie Album Let´s Dance
Don´t Matter to me by Lemmy Kilmister Solo album
Bermuda by Roky Erickson Album Don't Slander Me
You are so Cool by Hans Zimmer Album True Romance
All or Nothing by The small faces album Ogdens nut Gone Flake
Rock Around the Clock by Chubby Checker album For Twisters Only
Think of as one by Roky Erickson Album True Love Cast Out all evil

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