January 26, 2021

Javi Saavedra "Sin Ollie 5" video part

“This year making the annual “Sin ollie” video part a reality was more difficult than ever but the stoke never stops! Obviously the lockdown and the travel restrictions were part of the problem but a strange injury in my left knee during several months was the main problem, anyway the fun of finding new spots and imagining different tricks always wins and the injury was slowly recovering." - Javi Saavedra

Filmed by Nahikari Pérez

Additional filming:
Pablo Ribera, Oscar Rois, Jose Panes "Pitu", Dani Ipiña, Alejandro Arroyo, Angel VP, Santiago Canle, Adri Rivadulla, Christian Ruanova, David Quintela, Pedro Morales, Alex "titanio", Jose Luís Ouzande, Adri Martínez, and Ander Morea.

Music : True Mountains “superstition”

Thanks to: Cruzade Skateboards, Maroña Wheels, Skate Hasta Que Me Mate, Sport 2002 dist. and All the Fat Skateshop.