September 11, 2016

La Kantera Pro, Pool contest 2016 ?? Sabado 10 de Septiembre Skatepark La Kantera. Getxo ,Bizkaia.

There are two things that make this event unique and special. One is the place where it takes place: La Kantera pool, at Arrigunaga beach, a magic place open to the ocean and on an amazing cliff. The second thing is the important prize money in this contest: 35.000euros, which pretends to attract the best riders in the world. For first time, this master and pro competition will be part of the new Getxo Skate Week, which will have 2 more events: the last stop of the Basque Pool Series, -also at La kantera- , and The Tournament, which will be back to Lasa skatepark, also in Getxo. This 2 events will have nearly 5.000 euros prize money.