About posting video parts and rewarding the author

The first thing you should know is that you can create video parts without editing or recording anything, just by accessing the post video part option that appears in the three-dot menu of the video. This option only appears for friends of the author who published the video and for the author himself. You have recorded a video together, you are supposed to be friends, right?

For the rest there is the option to download the whole video with the mobile applications or use the option download a trick.

If the author is being rewarded for the video, by creating the part you will be supporting him, as the rewards for views of the part will go automatically and directly to the video author's account. This option is better than record screen or whatever you can do, doing video parts on skatehype.com means support the Author of the video.

Info about create video part
Info about download tricks

Further information can be found in help page.

   May 24, 2022