Hive user manual for Skate Hype users

We assume that you have already set up your Hive account in the Skate Hype control panel. If you have not done so, follow this instructions

Table of contents

  • The Hive icon located at the bottom of your content
  • The control panel: Beneficiaries
  • Hive Keychain wallet
  • How to earn Hive rewards
  • How to tip a user
  • How can I get euros or dollars with my Hive

The Hive icon located at the bottom of your content

If you tap or click this icon an information box will show the beneficiaries of the rewards of your post. Payments are released to owners after one week before the post, then a payment date is displayed.

content hive icon

That means, "oscartorres" user will earn $0.70 in Hive tokens on 25/7/2023. You can also see the outstanding balance in the control panel.

Hive tokens:
HBD = Hive Backed Dollar, worth 1 USD
Hive, main token, his value fluctuate with the market.

The control panel: Beneficiaries

You can share a percentage reward with your filmer, or if you are a filmer, share with the people in your video. This is done by adding Beneficiaries. By default there is the "" account as a 5% beneficiary. Next to it is a +, click on it and a dialogue box with a search engine will allow you to find your colleagues and add them as beneficiaries, where you can then set the desired %. Only Skate Hype users who are connected to the Hive network are listed.

Rewards for posts and comments by default you get 50% HBD and 50% HP.

Why can't I remove the beneficiary or reduce its % to less than 5%?
The platform takes that part to progressively increase the voting power and distribute HBD among the filmers or other expenses it considers.

Hive Keychain wallet

Skate Hype does not control other than Posting with your account, then, for transfer coins, watch tokens, resource credits and other features you must install and use Hive Keychain wallet

How to earn Hive rewards

After connecting your Hive account with your content and your comments could be rewarded. The reward system of content and comments are:

  • Best trick, best video quality,... is the quickest to be rewarded.
  • Newer than a week.
  • Maximum 3 posts and maximum 5 comments per week can be rewarded.

More information about how we do this can be found here:

How to tip a user

Go to user profile and use triple dot menu located at top right. A "tip user" option will show only if this user have the Hive account connected with his Skate Hype account.

How can I get euros or dollars with my Hive

The easiest and most recommended way is to exchange your HBD to Hive directly in the Hive-Keychain wallet and then exchange your Hive to euro or your local currency at any cryptocurrency exchange where you can transfer the money to your bank account. It is not recommended to spend the voting power (power down).

   Jul 4, 2022